Diga di Luzzone: The 500-foot climbing wall [VID]

Diga di Luzzone: The 500-foot climbing wall [VID]

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The Diga di Luzzone is both a working dam and one of the largest artificial climbing walls in the world.

BOLTED IN THE 1990s, this spot in Switzerland is home to one of the two largest man-made climbing routes in the world, a 540-foot, five-pitch monster that curves its way up the side of the Luzzone dam. As climbers go through the pitches, the concave wall changes character, starting off slabby, then straightening out to vertical.

I haven’t personally been to Luzzone, but in pictures, it looks disturbingly exposed, with no features and little texture to the concrete of the dam. By the last pitch, climbers are making moves on steep terrain hundreds of feet off the deck.

Visitors who want to throw down on the dam will need to pay 20 Swiss francs each to get the keys to unlock the ladder that crosses the first section. For those of us who just want to live the experience vicariously, this video should be more than enough.

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