How to film a skate / travel video without turning it into ‘porn’

How to film a skate / travel video without turning it into ‘porn’

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Directed by STUDIO ORES & Guilhem Machenaud, INDIA shows skaters ripping in Bangalore, Delhi, and Jaipur, and yet somehow manages to make the place itself the main character.

SO OFTEN what I find with skate, surf, and other action sports videos – as well as too many straight up “travel” videos – is that local people / culture get flattened into caricatures and/or “scenery.” Either that or they get fully clowned on by the hosts or athletes.

Typical examples include the standard “skater / traveler making faces as he/she tries local food” shot, or the “traveler looking as if he/she is having a mystical experience while riding a camel, elephant, etc” shot.

The overall effect is a kind of travel / skate / surf porn.

It’s as if people don’t know how to act in front of the camera, and yet still feel compelled to be in front of the camera, which makes them end up acting like assholes as opposed to just filming their interactions in a way that evokes how it actually feels to be there at ground level.

Check the POV / feel of this vid from Studio Ores, though. From the title to the way they shot and edited the scenes – they’ve made it all about the place and local culture itself. Stoke.

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