‘A Taste of Time’: Winter in Idaho [VID]

‘A Taste of Time’: Winter in Idaho [VID]

Matador Ambassadors Wyatt and Yancy Caldwell spent most of last winter high in the mountains of Idaho riding snowboards and snowmobiles while capturing this epic collection of timelapses.

BUILDING ON A LOVE for Idaho backcountry and a desire to document and share our experiences, we started timelapsing. Everything we learned was self-taught, at first through random online research, which poorly translates in cold winter settings. Trial and error education became far more effective.

After the first mountain peak-to-post production experience, my brother Wyatt and I were hooked. Not only because of the sheer beauty, emotion, and perspective of the medium, but the gratifying experience unique to shooting each timelapse. Every shot has a story behind it, from the cute Argentine girl at the bar in town one full-moon night while the camera clicked away, to the epic couloir we bagged in Boulder City while the camera sat mounted in the basin below.

The sheer amount of time spent in the mountains, devoted to capturing the movement of light and its inherent energy not readily noticed or anticipated by most, is satisfying in itself. Perhaps even more rewarding is the bonding between friends and brothers that occurs when waiting out a sunset 8 miles deep or catching the 1am moonrise in below-zero temps, all while at the whim of mother nature or a testy snowmobile. No matter the motivation, goal, or weather, it’s always a new and learning experience and definitely a good excuse to spend some time outdoors studying the nuances of the digital and natural worlds. Enjoy.

Watch the video: Idaho Winter 2016-2017